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tv   [untitled]    January 30, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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this dovetails on the last point that i have been falling pretty closely governor brown's new appointments to the cpuc and pc. they're pretty exciting. we also need to have a little bit of caution here. they're exciting because they are incredibly strong consumer advocates being appointed. likely, a third one is to come. those same advocates in the past have needed some convincing on cca and sometimes were not that thrilled about it. i was strongly urge staff to individually reach out to all of these new commissioners to make really clear to them how important cca is, not just for the environment, but anyone who knows a lot about cca knows that it will be very good for ratepayers. that is especially in the long
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term when the revenue comes and for renewable. let's make sure these consumer- oriented commissioners are really aware of the details and importance of cca and to how important it is to us that we want this to happen. it is also important to the competition. thanks. commissioner campos: thank you. is there any member of the public would like to speak? public comment is closed. we have a resolution before us. have a motion by commissioner mirkarimi seconded by commissioner schmeltzer. can we take that without objection? done. please call the next item. >> item 6, authorization to amend the legal services agreement with miller, 01, and trost to extend the term to february 20, 2012. >> ms. miller's contract will
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expire at the end of february. we decided to bring this to you now. february will be a joint meeting. we wanted to get the head of the game and get that contract approved. we have learned over the years, we have had a full year of having a full-time staff on board, what the ratio when breakdown as of how much time she spends on cca direct work, which comes out of the cca fund, and the general fund side, the cca side -- the general fund side, and how that works out. we're asking for $125,000 not to exceed the amount for this upcoming year. $20,000 of that will be coming out of the general fund side, which is out of our reserves, which is what we have been sending down. we will have a full report in march on the next fiscal year's budget process. $20,000 will come from the rest of that. the rest of it will come from
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the cca fund. the puc is $105,000 for that. those are the basic point. based on what transpired in this last year, this is adequate. we get her services and don't have to come back here. we can keep an eye on it and make sure it does not gets spent in the wrong way. commissioner campos: what is the current general fund expenditures for this year? for this contract? >> the one for the previous contract was $50,000 out of the cca fund and $30,000 out of the general fund. commissioner campos: it is a reduction. >> in terms of the general fund. correct. commissioner campos: commissioner mirkarimi? commissioner mirkarimi: thank you. i want to remind commissioners that for the last three years, we have rejected all increases in budgets out of lafco. we turned them back to the
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general fund. what has been sustaining lafco has been the rollover of the amount. the fact that miss miller, who has been doing an excellent job in helping us monitor the bidding process, i believe we need more at the table. there has been an extraordinary use of city attorney and legal counsel time that we have seen in the first phase of the bidding process that we did not get to benefit from the time of having miss miller there as much as we would like to. that may contribute to the reduction on the pc side -- puc side. it could expedite or accelerate the process. the increase is a reasonable one with regard to activating ms. miller more in away at the bidding process. commissioner campos: thank you,
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commissioner appeared colleagues, any other questions? why don't we open it up to public comment? is there any member of the public who would like to speak on this item? public comment is closed. can we have a motion to authorize the amendment of the legal services agreement? motion by commissioner mirkarimi, seconded by commissioner avalos. can we take that without objection? item passes. please call the next item. >> item 7, executive officer's report. >> i want to thank you for the previous item. it is typical to sit while you -- while your own contract is being discussed. this will be brief. first, i wanted to report back to you on the pull-mounted solar program. you may recall that we had a program we talked to you about that we thought might dovetail in with the second phase of the
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cca program and locals sold requirements. the program is out of new jersey. they are also doing a pilot project in los angeles and arizona, and mexico. sfpuc has been very helpful in accommodating to meeting with them and setting of potential sites for them to do the demonstration here in san francisco. secondly, i wanted to give a brief report on the fact of the legislation that we were directed and had had some discussions about at our last meeting. we are moving forward in discussions with legislative staff and the different parties that make up the world in the state of california. we are hoping to have legislation introduced this legislative year. with that, i would like to have
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jason introduce to you our new intern. >> jason, lafco staff. two items, the introduction of two in terms that started with us, this month. hopefully, they will be with us as they go through school. one is andrea taurus -- torres. they both go to usf. they have provided us with two great student to help us with this program. i look forward to continuing working with them. they have extensive background in environmental policy and issues. they will be a good addition to our program in helping get future generations of environmentalists out there and working on environmental issues in the future. i want to thank them for coming
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here today. one marks in the morning of the other in the afternoon. it worked out perfectly that they're not competing with each other at the desk at the same time. i want to thank them for being here today. you may have seen me out in public this last week. i have talked about launching our photo contest to promote the clean power sf program. the goal is to take the mailer we sent last year -- we have been able to go to 10 different stores throughout the city and get materials in their stores with fliers advertising the program. people will become more aware of the program. partly with the help of our interns, including our summer intern, they put together a great prize for this program. the grand prize finalist will get a $100 gift certificate to a high-quality printing company, as well as a prize package for
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-- the winner will be two tickets to the san francisco zoo, the museum of modern art, and the exploratory anium. beyond that, everyone will get 15 percent off sign -- get 50% off. the first one to five people will get tote bags made in san francisco. all of our prizes are coming out of san francisco. i will encourage every one of their to submit vote goes to was. go to the website, i want to thank commissioners mirkarimi and avalos. they sent out newsletters with tax about our program as well.
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if anyone has questions, call us at the office and we will give you details. commissioner campos: what is the deadline? >> all photos need to be submitted by february 17 at 5:00 p.m. commissioner campos: thanks. thank you very much. i want to welcome the interns. thank you for being here. we have at least one alum from usf sitting on lafco. it makes sense he would be helping us. is there any member of the public who would like to speak on this item? >> real quickly, jason, and i hope i am not busting you out, but that printing company, i'm hoping their union shop. if they're not, i wanted to propose another company we could look for for the next gift
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certificate. we use a printer in the bayview that uses 100% wind power to power of their printing. we have used them for our report we did on local hiring with chinese affirmative action. they are great. it is probably a union shop. >> i don't officially know if they are union. it is not a print shop you're thinking of, where they do mass of printing. it is individually owned. they have a lab. use it on your own and print your photos to their printers. it is not a photo printing process you are thinking of. it is an independent, a different situation. >> these guys are good for large and small. they're great outfit down there. i just really liked them. i don't know if this is legit to do.
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union shop, 100% wind-powered. commissioner campos: you just did it. thank you. any other member of the public who would like to speak or provide a commercial? public comment is closed. if you could please call item number 8? >> public comment for items not on the agenda. commissioner campos: this is an opportunity for any member of the public to comment on any item within the jurisdiction of lafco not on the agenda today. >> a couple of -- three important things to go for quickly. it is something i mentioned a couple of times a year at lafco. it has become far more important. we have seen at the fcc in washington, d.c., that the chairman who we thought would be
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a staunch defender of net neutrality has moved forward a new rule that is going to divide net neutrality, especially for wireless internet customers. it will no longer be that freedom. this is an opportunity to remind lafco that we are not just about clean energy. we had hearings in the past about the internet and local internet service. i think we really need to get on top now. the fcc has done what it is -- what it has done. get on top of hearings of how we will build a city on fiber-optic systems so we can get around what the fcc just did. we need to do it soon. another point is that this monday there will be a meeting at the sfpuc about the san francisco electric reliability plan, and new plan. i think lafco should get into that and agendas that so we are talking about it. there are some differences from
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the group's as to where it is headed right now. the final thing i would say, and i say it on behalf of myself as an individual organizer, most of you got an e-mail from me. i think this is the right way to go. you might be surprised to hear a radical pit bull like me suggest that. with one of the keys to cca being green jobs and uplifting communities with those brain jobs, i think it would be a real important thing for lafco to do to outreach to district 10 so that crown 04 green jobs -- so that ground zero for green jobs -- so we're bringing district 10 firmly into this conversation.
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as a move forward, we are making sure the green jobs component and local hiring component is really front and center to this process. clean energy means nothing if we are not doing it for local employees to build stuff and to the other tasks needed for it. thanks. commissioner campos: next speaker, please. >> i just want to say that rainbow grocery has the best -- i want to say that sometimes we talked about agendizing a hearing around the discussion of how to move the job creation component and guarantee the targeted local hiring efforts of that community choice and the build out of getting to the locals. i want to maybe put that back on the table as a possible agenda item. if you take the 2007 mirkarimi community choice ordinance and
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you add the avalos local hiring law, coupled that with the support we have from the general manager at harrington, who stood up in support of the hiring law, you have the recipe for greatness. that is a thought for a future agenda item. commissioner campos: thank you very much. any other member of the public would like to speak? public comment is closed. thank you very much for your excellent comments. if you could please call item number 9. >> item 9, future agenda items. commissioner campos: many of the speaker's book to this item. is there any member of lafco like to add anything? commissioner mirkarimi: i agree with a couple of the public comments that were made about future agenda items. i think that we should agendize on the electricity resource plan. i think it is important. i absolutely support rep to the idea. we attempted to do this in other
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areas of interest. lafco's reach is considerable. the range of issues before lafco is really expensive, land use, housing, transit, and in other counties that exercise statutory authority in lafco, many counties, some of them are very rural and some are very urban, still exercise a great amount of their own authority on issues that we just have not entertained, though we considered this back in 2006 and 2007. the attention has been so demanding of us to stick to the question on cca's public policy, but i recommend that in the future, we begin to calendar what those other areas may look like, especially because there
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is such great demand coming from the regional cooperation plan on housing and transit tolls and land use the man's -- i think lafco would have something to say. commissioner campos: think you come a commissioner. just to add my comments to it, i do think a lot of excellent points have been raised. vice chair mirkarimi indicated that lafco provides a tool wrote -- a tool to explore a number of issues. it really can be a good government tool to explore a number of areas. i look forward to hearing suggestions from members of the commission and members of the public in other agencies as to how to proceed. is there any member of the public who would like to add anything to this item? public comment is closed.
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madam clark, you can call the next item. do we have any other business? >> item 10, adjournment. commissioner campos: great. thank you very much. meeting adjourned. >> thanks for coming today. we are announcing are temporary homeowner's property tax reduction program. this is what most assessor's up and down the state are doing. homeowners are reliable -- of all property owners are eligible for a temporary, 1-year property-tax assessment reduction if they believe or if we believe dave -- the assess the value has fallen above their
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market value, which means that the value would be lower than the market value. in general, homeowners who are eligible, chances are, they purchased homes after 2003. we do get applicants who have owned homes since 1995 or earlier. in general, anybody who is owned their home prior to 2003, they are doing well, which is good news. chances are the market value is higher than the assessed value, meaning the property appreciate it. people we are able to offer little relief for, the sad news is, their homes have depreciated. there will be a little bit of relief for them. in general, last year, we saw 6400 applicants in comparison to four years ago when we had 248 requests. the form a simple. it is one page.
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name, telephone number, e-mail, and the address you are applying for. if you can give us sales in formation of similar types of homes, we do hope you can give us that. if you cannot come maternity leave blank and sign it. e-mail or fax it to us -- if you cannot give us that, leave it blank and sign it. e-mail or fax it was. tenderloin downtown, south of market, mission bay, and south beach. those were many of the new high- rise condominiums that went in to market the last four or five years. we have seen a significant amount of depreciation in those areas. gaviria that has seen the largest value drop is -- the other area that has seen the largest volume drop is the outer mission, amazon, those areas have seen the largest percentage drop. it is where we have been hit
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hardest with foreclosures. we make sure that we take an extra look. we proactively have been reviewing every home that was purchased after 2000. even though we think eligibility is for people up to 2003, we review any homeowner who purchased after 2000. that was roughly about 15,000 homeowners. of that, reduced -- no one had to apply or call us. we did this on our own. we reduced 10,000 of those homeowners. roughly, you have 10,000 reductions that we did on our own. 1700 reductions were done through this application process. 5000 time shares is how you get to the 17,000 number. just to give you a comparison, it is quite a bit in san francisco. these are huge numbers, larger than the dot com bust.
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alameda and santa clara did about 1000 come a tenfold. -- 1000, tenfold. we are doing better than our counterparts in other parts of the bay area. i feel fortunate. the tax reduction was about 21 million in taxes that were not collected. 21 million in taxes were not collected. that is a significant number. it is out of a $6.5 billion budget. overall, the difference to the city is still rather small compared to what it meant to many of the other counties in other areas. let me stop there and take questions. >> [inaudible] >> 6462. of those, we actually reviewed
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only 4177. many of those were already reviewed. we have actively reviewed them. some of them were not eligible. >> [inaudible] >> anybody who has gotten a reduction, they don't need to apply. we will look at it again. if you have gotten a reduction through an appeal or through our office, they don't need to apply again. they will be reviewed. they may want to apply because maybe they want to give us information we don't know. they are free to do that. that will be reviewed as part of that process. in general, they don't need to submit paperwork if they already got a reduction last year. >> [inaudible]
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>> well, i think because it is just flat, the market has not rebounded and gone up. we will probably see the same number of people deserve reductions last year. i think it will be comparable. traditionally, an economic recovery is like a v. this is more like a u. we're at the bottom of it right now. my feeling is we are going to see, you know, a very unusual real-estate market in san francisco. it will be flat and not appreciate a whole lot right now. the number people who are eligible is probably similar to last year. i bet we will give about the same number of reductions this year as we did last year. it will not be that much different. >> [inaudible] >> anybody that was reviewed --
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everybody in san francisco got a letter from us in july. they were told what their assessed value was. there were told that they got a reduction. if they got a reduction based on the letter, they don't need to reapply. what people do is we will review applicants. the deadline is march 31. all 17,000 who got reductions will be reviewed automatically. everyone will get notified again in july. we will not talk to anybody prior to that. everyone else will be getting the standard notification in july. >> [inaudible] you review these every year. >> every year. the reductions we review every year. as the market appreciates, we may take their assessments up based on what the market value is. they may go all the way back up to the factor value. it may go up partially higher.
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obviously, that is what he would see. you would see a step over the years to include the appreciation based on what the market is feeling. right now, we are not seeing a whole lot of appreciation. chances are, the assessment will be a little bit different than last year. the original purchase applies plus whatever the inflation factor was on an annual basis. in general, up to 2%. we had a negative inflation factor for the first time last year. everybody got a reduction last year. >> [inaudible] >> this year, cpi based on the final number we saw, is. 5% positive. it is still well below 2%. -- is .5% positive. it is still well below 2%. the economy is still rather flat.
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>> [inaudible] >> everybody who does not get a reduction will get a .5% increase in their assessment. that is just a proximate. it will probably be pretty close to that. we can show you the website. we follow the same website. it is the state cpi. it is a tracking mechanism for the state. >> [inaudible] >> i think there will vote to finalize in the next month or two. i think the number is done. >> overall, when all is said and done, what is the amount that you're going to receive [inaudible] >> for reductions, it will really just depend on how much
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your property might have depreciated or appreciate id. some areas where maybe there was a 5% or 3%, the good news in san francisco, we have not seen a few drops we saw in other parts of the bay area, like solano, or properties dropped 50%. you don't want that. you want your property to appreciate. that is the goal. it might be $50, $100, maybe a few hundred dollars. it and will not be anything huge -- it will not be anything huge. >> [inaudible] >> over last year, it was a $21 million difference. because of the temporary reductions in homeowners values, there was $21 million that was not collected by the county. let's put that in context of the let's put that in context of the $6.5 billion budget.